About This Site

If you can't tell by the extensions, most of this site is scripted in PHP. I started out by building the database tables in MySQL and then programming the interface to the database in PHP. Once I finished with the function of the site, I began to work on the look. Lately, when I'm building a web site I have been going to the Open Source Web Design web site in order to find a layout that I think looks nice. I then make what modifications I need for the design to fit my purpose. The template I used for this site was "Internet Market" built by Luka Cvrk of Solucija. I added a few images from the Open Clip Art Library and the look of the site was essentially completed. I then finished up the site by adding instructional and informational text along with feedback forms using scripts from NMS. As of the time I am writing this (8/17/2006) I have been working on this site for about 4 days (and nights).
All of my programming and markup was done in Textpad.

About Me

My name is Kevin Kittredge, and I am an Electrical Engineer in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are interested, I have a personal web site: Transmatrix.net.

Building web pages is something I enjoy from time to time, especially if it has a purpose I am excited about (like this site). I have also recently enjoyed setting up Linux servers at my house. I have a pretty complex MythTV setup with a backend that has over a terabyte of hard drive capacity, a frontend in our living room, and one in the master bedroom. In the past month or so I set up an Asterisk server in my house for VOIP and other fun PBX options.

If you have any questions or comments about this site, please don't hesitate to send me a line


If you would like to thank me for my time, sweat and love: